Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Thanksgiving Day drive around the township

Photos by Barry Wallace
Gregloch Lake ~ Weston Road (east side) ~ between the 15th and 16th Sideroads
Formerly known as Crawford's Lake
Opposite Hackett Lake on the west side of Weston Road

Kelley Lake ~ 7th Concession and 16th Sideroad

Starcliff Nature Reserve ~ 17th Sideroad (between Hwy. 27 & Concession 8)
Small lake deeply snuggled between surrounding hills

Pretty pond ~ north side of 15th Sideroad (between Hwy. 27 & Concession 8
Some Great Blue Herons linger until ice forms 

Another pond of the 15th ~ between Hwy. 27 and the 8th
This pond's dam has a small wooden bridge to cross over

The pond at Deerfield ~ 7th Concession - north of King Road

Pond and water feature at Kingbridge Centre
West side of Jane Street below King Road ~ south of Kinghorn

Pond on South Summit Farms Road
East side of Jane Street ~ north of King-Vaughan Townline
Canada Geese, a Hooded Merganser and a Double-crested Cormorant on pond

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Barry Wallace

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  1. Beautiful pictures Barry. How do you find these 'little" gems?