Saturday, October 24, 2015


Photos by Barry Wallace 
Women's Roles in the War effort
King Museum & Cultural Centre has launched its second presentation of memorablia and artifacts associated with WW1.   This year-two production of the 4-year effort is entitled Women's Roles in the War Effort.   Part of the exhibit includes a telephone switchboard from early in the 1900s, which was restored and presented to the museum by the Newmarket Telephone Pioneer Club in 1987.   Pictured above is Cultural Coordinator Caroline Bendiner momentarily sitting in as a telephone operator.   The photo below shows a rendition of a temporary, wartime, nursing station.   This presentation benefits greatly from the expanded space at the newly created history and culture facility.   Museum Curator, Kathleen Fry reminds everyone that the exhibit last until November 24th.   

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Barry Wallace


  1. Do you know of a Cenotaph or War Memorial anywhere in King City or Nobleton? Where do they do the Remembrance Day Ceremonies?

  2. I have responded by email, Tim, including a couple of photos.