Friday, October 16, 2015

King's first round-about road intersection?

Photos by Barry Wallace
 Round-about underway at Kettleby
Construction is underway of a traffic round-about at the Keele Street and Lloydtown-Aurora Roads intersection, south of Kettleby.   The pictures, above and below, are part of a recently-installed billboard, which shows a before photograph and an after image (proposed) of  the intersection and its design features.   The billboard is located on the north side of the Kettleby-Aurora Road, a few hundred metres east of Keele.   In recent years, several very serious accidents, including fatalities, have occurred  at the intersection, which features varying road elevations, and poor sightlines, approaching from the different directions.   Apparently a round-about was deemed a more appropriate solution than traffic lights.   I know of a few small round-abouts in a few King residential subdivisions, but I believe this Keele/Lloydtown-Aurora round-about is the first of this size in King Township.   No doubt, it will take a little getting used to, but the enhanced safety factors should be well worth it.  

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Barry Wallace


  1. This is a good idea. I even had suggested it years ago in the 1990s for the intersection of King and Keele. I thought that way cars will slower their speed (by slowing their speed not only would it be safer but they would also have the chance to realize what is around them e.g. the nice stores and restaurants as many drivers just used King as a fast way to 400) and that way fewer trucks will be using King to get onto the highway.

  2. I thought they made a mistake when they moved the power poles this summer. I can't believe how little land is being consumed for this major roadway realignment. I guess I assumed the circle would be huge like the ones up in Collingwood as opposed to small circles in Aurora's new subdivisions. There will still be accidents though as the speedsters try to pass though the circle at high speed at night, if the continuing nonsense in my neighbourhood is any indication.