Saturday, April 2, 2016

Early April on Oak Ridges Trail

 Photos by Barry Wallace
Spring scenes between the 6th & 7th of King

Klaus Wehrenberg
As I was taking photos for this blog entry, a small party of hikers passed by and the group included Klaus Wehrenberg, a.k.a. 'Aurora's Trail Man'.   Klaus was the man who worked harder than anyone, for 26 years, to see the creation of Aurora's Master Trail Plan.   On this day however, he was enjoyed himself in King on the Oak Ridges Trail.   We walked side-by-side for a couple of hundred of metres and Klaus reminisced about helping to make the Aurora Trail Plan a reality.   He touched on the pragmatic nature of creating something to suit everyone in a large municipality but turned a little wistful as he mentioned his personal yearning to have seen an environmental creation with more esoteric considerations.   The man seems to be a pragmatist and a purist...but content at that.

An old barbed wire kiss

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Barry Wallace

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