Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Wild Things Petting Farm

 Photos by Barry Wallace
These photos have nothing to do with King Township.   They were taken on the east side of York Region, on the Markham/Pickering townline.   But the baby goats were so cute, I had to include them in this space.   Linda and I took two of our young grandsons to the Wild Things Petting Farm for a couple of hours this past Sunday afternoon and had a very interesting time at this eccentric and odoriferous, but charming place.   Hundreds of farm creatures all run free here.   There were approximately 15 baby goats in the rustic menagerie, including a set of black and white triplets pictured here.   With three babies to feed and two teats, the mother goat was hard-pressed to make sure all three got enough nourishment.   In the picture below, the gentleman who operates 'Wild Things' hand-feeds one of the triplets, via a syringe, with formula he has prepared to supplement the mother goat's milk.   It was fascinating.   It costs the four of us $20 for the experience.   I told the farmer that it was the best $20 I had spent in a long time...and I meant it.

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Barry Wallace

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