Monday, April 4, 2016

Goldie Feldman Nature Reserve...

 Photos by Barry Wallace
...part of the Happy Valley Forest
One of King Township's best walking/hiking trails is located at The Goldie Feldman Nature Reserve, just west of Weston Road at 4093 17th Sideroad.   The well-marked entrance is on the south side of the sideroad.   Trail information is well presented for visitors (see photo immediately below).   Winter hopefully has given us its last this week and the trails here will now be bare and safe for all.

Numerous young birch trees kept their orange leaves all winter and made for striking photo contrasts.   Pictured below, right, is a shot of of White Birch trees, alongside what I think are Yellow Birch trees.   The two  kinds of trees are very similar in appearance, but one has a much darker bark colour.   If trees are your thing, Happy Valley is the place to be.   Photographers are also invited to shoot photos from a marked station on the trail (see photo below, left)  and upload their photos to Nature Canada to be retained as part of a database recording the visual environmental and habitat changes at the reserve.

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Barry Wallace

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