Friday, April 15, 2016

Swans not moving on yet...

 Photos by Barry Wallace
The small group of nine Trumpeter Swans which is sharing a large, shallow, snow-melt pond, with a thousand or so Canada Geese, on the south side of the 15th Sideroad between Dufferin and Bathurst, doesn't seem in any hurry to move further north.   They've been on this site for almost three weeks now.   With the April weather we've had so far, who can blame them?   Back in the 1980s, a movement began to re-introduce nesting Trumpeter Swans to southern Ontario.   One of the original leaders of the movement was Aurora's Harry Lumsden.   The program and the swans have thrived with over 800 of the huge creatures now overwintering in places like the harbour areas of Oakville and Burlington, the Wye Marsh in Midland and the fields of open areas in places like King Township, during the the spring migration.  

The photo of a very young Trumpeter Swan, shown at right, is courtesy of the Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre in Midland.

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Barry Wallace

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