Monday, June 6, 2016

English roadster makes a 'Spritely' appearance

Photos by Barry Wallace
My old friend and former King resident, Pieter Thoenes, made a trip down from Mansfield and the Mulmur Hills recently to show me his newly restored 1963 'Bug-eyed' Austin Healey Sprite.   It's the third Sprite Pieter has owned, dating back to the early '60s.   I owned a Sprite back in the early '60s also.   It has been over 50 years since I last sat in one...until last Tuesday.   We grabbed a bite of lunch under the trees of the Schomberg Pub & Patio, before heading out for a spin.   Pieter asked me if I wanted to take the wheel.   I declined, citing there were too many boring, straight roads in and around Schomberg.   I did however promise him a return visit in the near future when I have every intention of taking my place behind the wheel of his Sprite and zipping about the curving roads and scenic Mulmur hillsides.
Barry Wallace

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