Saturday, June 4, 2016

Horse-chestnut (a.k.a. Conker Tree)

Photo by Barry Wallace
The squirrel and the chestnut

About seven years a grey squirrel brought a chestnut from a neighbour's yard and planted it in one of our perennial flower beds in the back yard.   We watched it plant the nut and decided to leave it to see if it would grow.   A year later there was a Horse-chestnut sprouting in the garden.   It got a little bigger over the summer and we decided to keep it but move it to a better spot.   We chose a corner of the front lawn where Bennet Drive and Forde Crescent (west end) meet.   It grew for seven years and this year finally bloomed.   I just read that some Horse-chesnuts can grow 125 ft. tall.   Hmmm.   Oh well, I won't be around to deal with it.
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Barry Wallace

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