Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Love tale

                                                                                                                            Photo by Barry Wallace
Strolling through King City Cemetery one day recently I came upon a gravestone I had never noticed before.   It was the Gage and Betty Love gravestone, featuring an engraving of Tom Thompson's 1917 celebrated painting 'The West Wind'. Gage and Betty called their King Township property on the 7th Concession, up on the King ridge, 'West Wind'.   Betty worked with the engraver at Luesby Monuments, in Newmarket, on the creation of the monument.   The rendition by the Luesby engraver is remarkable for its artistic accuracy and the added depth of relief sculpture. The line 'East of the sun, west of the moon', under the name 'LOVE' is the name of a favourite dance tune of Betty and Gage, written by Brooks Bowman in 1934.   The carved monument is nestled under fir trees on the eastern boundary of the cemetery.     

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Barry Wallace   


  1. such a meaningful and beautiful gravestone. Thank you for the background information.