Sunday, June 19, 2016

King City Trail offers splendid maturity

 Photos by Barry Wallace
I've familiarized myself again with the King City Trail, between Keele Street and Kingcross Estates.   It begins behind St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, follows the East Humber River west and then makes some loops north around swampy marshlands and the mature softwood plantation.   When the three Barrys ( Barry Moir, Barry Glenn and me, Barry Wallace, were part of the King City Trails Committee, the lands along the Humber looked quite different 30 to 40 years ago.   Many areas were quite open and begging for 'greening' hands.   Today, the trails system and the lands it occupies are quite mature and the meadows, woods, and marshes/swamplands are natural treasures for the village of King City.   I took several pictures which I am including in this space and will feature more in a following blog entry.   I hope you enjoy the photos and get out to walk the trail sometime soon.

Gray Birches (above), uncommon this far west of the maritime provinces, Quebec and the New England American states, are found throughout the Humber River route and trail lands in King City.   They are more common in eastern Ontario.     

Springtime means the banks of the East Humber River are covered in swathes of wild flowers and wild phlox in particular (see below).

Dwarf Lake Iris

Ebony Jewelwing Damselfly 

The photo at right shows the 38-step stairway from the Presbyterian church and the adjoining township park down to the East Humber River and the King City Trail system.   There are several access points for the trail system west and east of Keele Street and they are easy to find on a new map provided by the Township of King.   It can be viewed online.   See this blog for Tuesday, June 21, for more trail photos.

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Barry Wallace 

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