Sunday, April 16, 2017

Big changes on Hoop Street in King City

There hasn't been much to say about Hoop Street, in the centre of King City, for a long, long time.   But things have suddenly changed. All of the properties on Hoop Street (bordering the railway track), behind the King City Market, the old landmark McLeod Bakery, the CIBC and TD banks and the seniors apartment buildings have had their buildings and landscape bulldozed. There is isn't a tree, shrub or bush left.   There are piles of detritus that are in the process of being removed.   I believe at one time, the owners of the King City Market proposed a development which included a new market store plus four or five other new stores.   But what appears to be happening now would accommodate a much larger development proposal.   I haven't heard of any new schemes, but something certainly seems to be in the works.   I guess I'll have to make an inquiry to the folks at King's Planning Department or put in a call to my councillor, Cleve Mortellitti.   In the meantime, there are some picture here to show some of the scope of the landscape changes. Photos by Barry Wallace

The view above looks south from Hoop Street towards the rear of the old King Bakery.

It appears one house is still to be removed.

Hoop Street ends behind the King seniors apartments on Dew Street (seen behind fence).

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Barry Wallace

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  1. Carson Bice , long time teacher and principal at the old school (Doris M Patton) lived on Hoop St.