Monday, April 24, 2017

New version of old site...

 Photos by Barry Wallace
A large pictorial For Lease sign in the centre of the village of Nobleton shows a proposed retail/residential development adjacent to the historic Hambly house.   The 3-storey+ proposal would seem to dwarf the old Hambly House, which would apparently be retained.

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Barry Wallace


  1. And old Nobleton disappears! Such a shame.

  2. At least they kept the building,
    I m looking forward to seeing some Spring green shots of the area soon.
    We did havea look around with the art show the weather perfect.

  3. The urbanization of rural King Township and its historic villages is a policy decision deriving from the Wynne Government's 'Places To Grow' initiatives that encourage densification in some of our most environmentally important geographies. Both environmental and built heritage preservation are incompatible with this kind of piecemeal adjustment to historic village street-scapes plus the current helter-skelter expansion of King's villages into its remaining farmland.