Monday, April 3, 2017

Kingscross Estates 63 years later...

Photos by Barry Wallace
Kingscross Estates is reclaiming its historic reputation as a landmark development community in King Township.   Begun by Joe Gelleny in 1954, it was once described as the 'first estate development' in Canada.   Now, 63 years later, many of the original estate homes have been torn down and have been replaced by homes double and triple the size, and the trend continues apace.   Now it is Peter McCarthy of Hard at Work Inc. that appears to be the main developer of huge replacement homes in Kingscross.   The photo below shows one of the earlier homes in Kingscross that caused a real stir at the time, with its completely circular home on a pedestal design.   One wonders if this iconic dwelling will stand the test of time and remain intact or whether it too will fall to a modern replacement structure.    

For decades one was accustomed to seeing all sorts of luxury automobiles coming and going from Kingscross Estates, but in the second decade of the 21st century, things have changed a bit, and transportation tastes have evolved somewhat and a few alternative vehicles are showing up in the monster homes driveways.   Meanwhile, new and unique outdoor touches continue to appear, such as the large portico light , below left.   Even more diverting, is the sight of a series of several sap barrels, attached to mature Maple Trees, adorning one property near Jane Street.   It is indeed a time of change. 

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Barry Wallace

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  1. Just south of Kingcross Est. , was a small farm owned by my Dads uncle (Earl Campbell). I remember it as a modest house with faded shiplap siding , wood cook stove in the kitchen and souvenirs from The Great War hanging on fence posts in the yard. The farm was called Vimy Ridge. As a kid I wasn't aware of the significance of the name in our country's history.
    As we approach the 100th anniversary , my thoughts are with him and the many other young men from all across Canada who went "over the top" on April 9th. 1917.
    The King City library has posted some of the letters that Earl had received and sent during his time in the war. They give us an amazing view of what life was like 100 years ago in King township. To view the letters log onto the King City Library type in Earl Campbell.