Saturday, April 8, 2017

There was a time...

Photo by Barry Wallace
Friday morning ~ April 8 ~ King Road ~ east of Dufferin 

 King Township Archives
As far as I'm concerned, winter's never over until April 8. April 8, 1975, was the day our second daughter was born, after a 3-day blizzard that left Linda, who was nine months pregnant, our first daughter Allison (two and a half years old) and me, stranded in our King Township farmhouse, buried in snow.   Our farmhouse belonged to Linda's grandmother, Elsie Glass, and it was her son, Bob Glass, living on a nearby farm, who arrived after three days of blinding, blowing snow and plowed out the long farm laneway.   We immediately headed to York Central Hospital, in Richmond Hill, where our second daughter, Auralee, was delivered by C-section.   All was well, that ended well. 

Photo by Barry Wallace
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Barry Wallace


  1. That must have been a scary experience Barry! And I complained about yesterday's minor dump.

  2. Looking at the photo of Main St. King, I try to imagine how quiet it would be. I thought for a moment it looked like someone had sanded the road , then realized it was road apples.
    I was a farm hand for a couple of summers ('65/'66)on Marwoods dairy farm (Teston Rd. & 6th.). They were related to Bob& Joyce Glass. We'd help each other with the haying & thrashing. I have fond memories of them both , sad how we forget these things. Thanks for jogging this old brain.

  3. Hope the person/people in the car are ok.
    And what a story you had to tell. That is really scary when there is an emergency and the roads are blocked due to weather. Glad all went well.
    I too remember maybe it was just over 10 years ago (Easter again mid April) that we had a snow storm in King. I was shaking my head talking to my mom (in Germany who was enjoying the trees full with blossoms) telling her our Easter Bunny will be totally lost in this kind of weather. :-)

  4. That bottom picture always blows my mind. And for the record, that day was a breeze for me!

  5. I got married 23 years ago on April 9th, and we got a foot of snow two days before our big day. All our outdoor photo locations were a muddy mess and thus out of play. I expect snow until April 9th every year. Okay it was in Montreal, but I still think about it here in the highlands of Aurora...I really enjoyed your story.