Sunday, May 14, 2017

First Baltimore Oriole arrives on May 10th

 Photos by BarrytheBirder
Female oriole tries out new feeder
The first Baltimore Oriole (a male) of this year arrived in the backyard, on Wednesday of this week, and he was joined by a female the next day.   On Friday, I took some pictures of the female Baltimore Oriole trying out a new feeder.   She seemed to be satisfied, as she made several visits throughout the day.   The feeder has a reservoir for nectar, of course, but also allows for a half orange to be placed on top, kept in place by the rod which suspends the feeder from the pole hook above.   First the female oriole inspected the new feeder (above), then tried pecking the orange (below) and then reached down and sipped nectar from the reservoir below (bottom).   It seems we're off to a good start this spring. 

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Barry Wallace


  1. Beautiful birds, do they stay all summer Barry?

  2. Yes, they do, Warren. When they head south in the fall they go to southern Mexico and southward.