Monday, May 29, 2017

Schomberg Fair 2017 Mutt Show

 Photos by Barry Wallace
Schomberg Fair 2017 Mutt Show Winner

 The winner of the Mutt Show at this year's Schomberg Fair was almost smaller than the 1st Prize Ribbon it eventually won. There were not a lot of entries, but there were some real charmers, including the Boxer, at right, whose tongue was longer than his ears...or was it the other way around?   Below, the winner, at left, gives a white Labradoodle a critical, once-over look.

The Mutt Show contestant above had a drink then flipped the water bowl over and rolled in the water, presumably to stay cool.   Once again, the eventual winner (the cute little pooch, at left) gave its competition the once-over, before moving on to victory.
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Barry Wallace

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