Monday, May 1, 2017

The greeness of spring at Marylake

Photo by Barry Wallace
'How glorious this weather was at the beginning of May!   One sweetly warm day following the other, and in each a new and pleasurable change to observe in the landscape.   And how verdant everything seemed, as though the very sap were singing - as the season had progressed from winter to summer on one heady leap'.

from THE BALLROOM: by Anna Hope
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Barry Wallace


  1. Hey Barry, is this the field you can see from Keele Street just north of the west Oak Ridge trail going towards the monastery? If so, I saw a bunch of wild turkeys in that field a few weeks ago around 7:30am and deer in the same place back in early April.

    1. Yes, it's the same field, Warren. I also saw Wild Turkeys there recently. The whole of Marylake is an ecological treasure.

  2. Thanks Barry, I thought it was the same place.

    If you drive north up Hwy 400 from King Rd over the next few weeks park at the weigh scales and walk up to the forest just north of them. The sheer number of Trilliums is astounding!