Thursday, May 10, 2018

Outside Nobleton Public Library...

Photo by Barry Wallace
It's taken over two years, but I've finally decided that my favourite of the almost 30 'Horses of the Headwaters', symbols of the equestrian events in the 2015 Pan Am Games, is RAZZLE DAZZLE, which stands in front of the library, on Hwy. 27 in Nobleton.   I've seen several of the actual horse statues in King, Caledon, Dufferin and Erin, of in photos, many times, and RAZZLE DAZZLE is definitely the one I'd like to be seen sitting upon.   Its name comes from the camouflaging technique which uses bold, geometric shapes. and was painted by Michaela Macleod, Scott Barker and Nicholas Croft.   Maybe one dark night, after midnight, and despite the labelled warning, I'll drive by and leap into RAZZLE DAZZLE's saddle for a couple of seconds.   Then again, I'm not sure my arthritic legs will let me leap that high.

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Barry Wallace     

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  1. It's certainly a horse of a different colour. Very eye catching.