Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Site in centre of King City finally flattened.

Photo by Barry Wallace
The future is just around the (4) corners
The large plot of land on the north-east corner of Keele Street and King Road intersection has finally been razed of all previous structures, with the exception of the late Bob McLeod's historic King City Bakery (top left).  The view in the picture above looks south-west from the rear of the senior's apartments, at the west end of Dew Street.   Hoop Street, which curved through this property since time immemorial, has to all intents and purposes disappeared.   No development plan have been put forth before the Township of King but one is surely in the works.   One can hardly wait to see a proposal...a bold new vision of residential and commercial perhaps?   The property is under the ownership of the same developer that owns the demolished auto repair site on the west side of Keele Street, a couple of doors south of Hogan's Inn.  The same developer built the large subdivision at the end of Station Road, west of the GO Station. 
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Barry Wallace

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