Monday, October 22, 2012

Hwy. 400 ~ 60 years old

Photo: Ontario Ministry of Transportation
Highway 400 was officially opened between North York and Barrie just over 60 years ago, on July 1, 1952.   The Ontario Ministry of Transportation aerial photo above, looks east from above Weston Rd. (over the hamlets of Strange and Laskay), along the King Sideroad toward the King City interchange and beyond, to Jane Street and the hamlet of Kinghorn.   In the immediate foreground is the farm that belonged to Fergus Lawson.   On the other side of the King Sideroad is the farm that belonged to Len Glass.   The two farms on the other side of the 400 (north and south of the sideroad) were owned by Henry Borden.   Beyond that, in the top left corner of the photo is the hamlet of Kinghorn.   Meanwhile, below, is a recent photo taken in the fall of 2011 (looking North) when the King City interchange was being widened and expanded to its current immense proportions.   As for me, I'm old enough to remember when interchanges were called cloverleafs. 
Photo: Barry Wallace

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