Thursday, October 18, 2012

Kingbridge Conference Centre

Photo by Barry Wallace
Jane Street Oasis
This is the inviting vista near the entrance of the Kingbridge Conference Centre & Institute on Jane Street, south of the hamlet of Kinghorn.   Kingbridge is the custodian of a piece of King Township that is an ecological gem, with the East Humber River flowing through the grounds.   One could expect the company to respect the environmental trust they have taken on.   I would direct anyone to the the website and read the Summary of Kingbridge Green Initiatives to get an idea of the corporate citizen's commitment to the environment.
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  1. Thank you for directing us to Kingbridge's website. It is nice that they are giving attention to the environment, and that they are purchasing local produce etc. The more organizations and companies show respect to the environment and do their best to save it, the less are our worries for the future. Good job Kingbridge Ctr.