Thursday, October 11, 2012

The inspiration of trees

Zoreh Zand, who recently moved from my home town of King City, Ontario, Canada, to Cincinatti, Ohio, USA, has recently become of a follower of this blog.   Zoreh says the blog reminds her of the several pleasant years she spent in our lovely village, just north of Toronto.   In the year prior to her departure to the USA, Zoreh was the president of ASK (Arts Society King) and her contribution was outstanding.   When she saw the birch tree photo in my previous blog (see below) she sent me a poem, about a leafless King Township tree, which she wrote back in 2008.   I asked Zoreh if I could reprint her poem in this space and she kindly agreed.   I hope you enjoy her poem as much as I did.   It presents a slightly different take on one of nature's rites of passage that we sometimes take for granted.


Every year
at a special colourful ceremony
where green, red, orange and yellow
unite in an awesome harmony
as I peak and show nature's beauty
I let go of my leaves.
Letting them have a last dance with the wind
and letting me be washed with rain
It is not to soothe my goodbye pain
it is for you to see me pure
beyond that glamour and colour,
for you to look at and still wonder
how beautiful those branches are
which were the holders of the leaves
Not only do I let you see what holds beauty with pride
I let you see beyond me
I let you see far, far what is behind.
Every year I have a special ceremony
A reminder
that I stand tall and firm
with or without
It's for you to see and learn
I can let go and start again
Sometimes I wrestle with nature
break a branch or two
but I continue
because I am...

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Barry Wallace

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