Friday, October 12, 2012

Skateboard park almost ready

Last Monday (Thanksgiving Day) saw the new, almost-complete, skateboard park in King City unoccupied by construction workers.   However, King City youths seized the opportunity and showed up in droves to test-ride  the new facility.   Apparently, the site was crawling with kids all day.   The photos shown here were taken after school on Thursday afternoon and although it was a small group of kids, construction workers allowed the them to access the site.   The kids were having a ball.

Daniel Policelli left me a comment saying he hoped the adjoining outdoor skate pad will be reserved for skateboarders in the summer, as it would be a perfect surface for wannabee and beginner boarders before they take on the main surface.   Despite what seems a huge cost over-run on this project, it looks like it will be well-received and well-used by King youths.
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Barry Wallace

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