Saturday, October 20, 2012

Skateboard Park unofficially christened

Photos by Barry Wallace
I was standing in a group of senior citizens outside the doctors' offices, on Doctors Lane, on Saturday morning, when someone asked if we'd all seen the spray-painted graffiti on the new skateboard park across the street, beside the arena.   Someone immediately suggested the culprits should be apprehended and be made to completely restore the facility to its pristine condition.   Someone else suggested the culprits should be horse-whipped.   It immediately occurred to me that this graffiti was the seal of approval from the target audience.   Each time I've gone by this new attraction I've seen a pack of kids using it.   To me the graffiti says: "we like it! ...we like it!   It sure isn't pretty, but it makes a statement.   At the supper hour on Friday night my wife and I watched as approximately 40 kids were having a great time at the park.   There was the occasional scream as someone wiped out and Linda and I thought how convenient to have this facility right across the street from a doctor's office.

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Barry Wallace

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