Sunday, August 18, 2013

New King City traffic lights coming...but when?

Photo by Barry Wallace
King Road looking east toward Dufferin Street
I dropped into the King Township municipal offices on Friday and made some inquiries about new traffic lights on the King Road between Warren Road and Dufferin Street.   I was told that underground services have already been installed as preliminary preparation for the installation of two sets of traffic lights on the King Road, at the east end of the village.   One set of traffic lights is planned to be at the new intersection of Stan Roots Street and Spring Hill Drive, with the King Road.   Stan Roots Street will run north and access the new shopping plaza, on the north-west corner of the King Road and Dufferin Street.   Spring Hill Drive already carries traffic south of the King Road, to the new Holy Name Catholic School and the new King's Ridge subdivision that surrounds it.   Closer to the existing east end of the village is the intersection of the pre-existing Warren Road, which runs south of the King Road and the new Alex Campbell Crescent which runs north of the King Road.   As to when these two new intersections will have traffic lights is not known, but the person I spoke with thought it could happen sometime between now and the end of 2014.   Let's hope it is the former.   King Township would, of course, welcome the traffic-calming effect of two new sets of traffic lights on the King Road as soon as possible, while the Region of York must consider the efficient flow of traffic on one of the region's major thoroughfares.   Apparently York Region has collected much traffic flow data and is currently analysing the best time to install new traffic lights.   Hopefully, It's sooner rather than later.
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Barry Wallace

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