Monday, August 5, 2013

Wellesley Park ~ coming of age in King City

Photos by Barry Wallace
Wellesley Park at the four corners in King City has been around for over 20 years but it seems only now that it is really coming into its own.   The flower beds, fronting on the King road have become fairly mature and what they lack in formal design is more than made up for by their bucolic, pastoral charm.   The arboretum at the west end of the park is maturing in a very pleasant way.   The centre of Wellesley Park is devoted to a well-used children's soccer field and the parking lot is a gathering spot for many racing cyclists training on King Township roads.   There are now five commemorative plaques scattered about  the grounds.   Four are easily spotted (see photos below) while the fifth plaque (immediately below) honouring Doug Wellesley, for whom the park is dedicated, is obscured by flower plantings.   Most people strolling the grounds never see the plaque now, but it is there at the back of the main east flower bed.   And while Wellesley Park is coming into its own, the best is undoubtedly still to come.   Congratulations to all who have had a hand in this civic accomplishment.

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Barry Wallace

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