Monday, August 19, 2013

Sidewalks from Dufferin to Jane in King City?

Photo by Barry Wallace
New sidewalks, connecting Dufferin Street in the east, to the existing sidewalk on the south side of the King Road at Warren Road, and to the existing sidewalk on the north side of King Road, at the Library, are underway, as seen in the photo above looking into the village from the east.   Meanwhile, the Kingsview Manors subdivision, on the north side of the King Road, between the township museum and the current built-up area on King City's west side, is underway.   Presumably, the builders of Kingsview will install sidewalks fronting their new subdivision. That leaves a small section in Kinghorn between Jane Street and the museum, and less than a kilometre between the cemetery and the east side of the Kingsview subdivision.   I'll have to drop in the township offices and ask about that.
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  Barry Wallace

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