Monday, September 28, 2015

Divine intervention may foil litterers

Photo by Barry Wallace
There's no doubt littering is a problem most everywhere, including monasteries it seems.   Marylake Augustinian Monastery, on Keele Street just north of King City, has recently installed three new signs along the tree-lined, tunnel-like driveway, adding some spiritual persuasion to the no littering message.   I, for one, did not see any littering Sunday as I headed for the Oak Ridges Moraine Trail, which crosses the Marylake property.   If this message doesn't do the job, then heaven only knows what it will take.
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Barry Wallace  

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  1. If the holy fathers can deter their guests from littering, they might try taking the message to the pilgrims who trek up Keele Street to the shrine. I've even seen drivers of the refreshment/safety cars dumping garbage onto the road allowance.