Thursday, September 17, 2015

Laskay Emporium photo from Historypin

Here's an old photo of the Laskay Emporium that I had not seen before.   I was stumbling about on the internet and came across the Historypin website (   I entered Laskay Emporium and up came up with the photo you see here.   The photo shows the connected post office on the left, and the connected residence at the rear (on the right).   This is the best depiction I have seen of the attached buildings in one photo.   Below is a cropped and enlarged copy of the photo, to show greater detail.   I must say that the folks in the photo seems to be all dressed up for occasion.   I have no information about when the photo was taken, but according to Elizabeth Gillham's history book, Early Settlements of King Township, the store was built in 1845 and the first village postmaster was appointed nine years later, in 1854, with the post office located in the store.   Some time thereafter the post office was housed separately next door and adjacent to the emporium.   The post office closed in 1926.   34 years later, in 1960, the Laskay Emporium was donated to Black Creek Pioneer Village.

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Barry Wallace


  1. Salada Tea is advertised on the window (above the horse's rump) and they were founded in the early 1890s - narrows the timeline a little bit. Lovely old pic.