Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tory election signs break rules

Photo by Barry Wallace
Tory signs up too early on regional roads
Normally I am loathe to comment on things political in this space, but...    Driving up Keele Street, north of King City, on Monday afternoon of this week, I came across King residents, Gordon Craig (pictured above left) and Bill Patterson (above right) putting up signs for federal election Liberal candidate Deb Schulte.   I know both these gentleman and I am also a Shulte supporter (I have one of her signs on my front lawn), so I stopped briefly and chatted with the two campaign workers.   Gordon and Bill both informed me that Monday of this week (Sept. 21) was the first day that election signs could be erected on York Region roads.   I was momentarily puzzled because I had seen Conservative Party Konstantin Toubis signs on regional roads, all over the riding for several weeks. They also told me that the appropriate officials in King Township and York Region had been alerted to the offending Toubis signs but none had been taken down.   I shouldn't have been surprised I suppose.   The Conservatives have become notorious for refusing to respect any law or rule that doesn't suit them and carry on with impunity or constant appeals.   If Mr. Toubis had had one sign placed somewhere by accident, there could be an explanation worthy of our consideration.   But when his signs have been up for weeks on what seems like every York Region road, across the riding, someone's intentions seem to have been completely deliberate.   This is a shame...and not totally unexpected, I suppose, from head huntsman Harper's pack of harriers.
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Barry Wallace



  1. I have to admit I was distracted by the lovely hand made post-driver shown in the photo. I'm not sure I need one, but I'd like to have one like that!

    Few signs last long in my area given the popular teen election period past-time..."throw your body into the sign"...then you have to look at smashed signs, sign parts all over the lawn or roadway, etc. for weeks on end. They don't care about the colour of the sign either. Seems like a big waste of resources, there has to be a better way to communicate in this day and age.