Sunday, September 20, 2015

Election folk art?

 Photos by Barry Wallace
At the end of August I ran a picture in this space, similar to the one above, which had a large painted green design, but with no identification.   It was hanging in a tree on the south side of the 17th Sideroad, just west of Keele Street.   Yesterday, I passed the same spot, noticed the same large, hanging talisman and then spotted, quite near to it, an election sign for the Green Party of Canada.   It suddenly hit me that the symbol hanging in the tree and the symbol on the election sign were the same.   It's the graphic logo for the Green Party.   Obviously, someone is deeply committed to the Green Party cause and has chosen to lend their artistic support.   This takes election signage to a new and impressive level.  

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Barry Wallace


  1. Somewhere I read the logo 'represents' the sunflower.

  2. Ann Murray LivingstoneOctober 22, 2015 at 7:14 AM

    Mr Wallace, among the Green Party volunteers there are a couple of artists. I imagine you noticed the larger Green Party signs in the last couple of weeks of the campaign. Fourteen of those signs were handmade... creating the original design and then putting layers of paint on to create the finished piece. Our signs with slogans spoke to a lot of King/Vaughan residents and our candidate, Ann Raney was brilliant. Thank you for noticing and photographing the large Green logo. Yours sincerely, Ann Murray Livingstone