Sunday, March 6, 2016

4 years ago today...

 Photos by Barry Wallace
On this day...March 6, 2012
My brother Bob visited me today and while commiserating over my post-surgical, limited ability to get out and take pictures, he suggested I go back in the files and find some old pictures that might be interesting to see again.   Good suggestion, I thought, so here goes.   Both shots were taken four years ago today at Cold Creek Conservation Area. The shot above was taken beside the boardwalk, down in the bog. It shows water percolating to the surface, bringing with it the distinctive orange colour of mineral iron.   In this photo, the small pond is fed by a spring that brings very cold water, minerals and sediment to the surface, where a minature atoll formed, topped by a halo of frost.   Meanwhile (below), a short distance away, a full bucket of maple syrup sap  had frozen solid in the icy temperatures.    

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Barry Wallace

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