Saturday, March 26, 2016

Each year more Trumpeter Swans in King

Photos by Barry Wallace
Swans in King City ~ south of Seneca 
This pair of adult Trumpeter Swans and three first-year youngsters where part of a group of nine swans, in a large snow-melt pond in a farm field on the south side of the 15th Sideroad, between Bathurst and Dufferin Streets.   Scenes like this are more common each year as the largest of all swans makes their spring and fall migrations. Not so many years ago, one saw most Trumpeters with attached wing markers, indicating their origins from local re-introduction programs.   Now, a couple of decades later, most of the wild birds seen do not have wing tags...a sure sign of the success of their re-introduction to Ontario and central Canada.

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                       Barry Wallace

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