Friday, March 25, 2016

What of this grand old structure?

 Photos by Barry Wallace

The Hambly House ~ Nobleton
Landmark, icon, designated historical property, one-of-a-kind need to review its history here.   I only took these pictures to give some idea of state of being as it slides into an unknown future.   Look closely at the roof, the shutters, the Italianate/Victorian Gothic architectural  style, the remarkable wood and metal trim-work.   Close-up, many of the prized historical features are slipping into disrepair and ruin.   What's to be done, I wonder.   It could be said that Hambly House is Nobleton, and Nobleton is Hambly House.   Is its future protected or guaranteed?   Can its physical integrity be assured? The property is for sale.   Lots of questions...lots of speculation.   I'm getting too old for this angst.  

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Barry Wallace


  1. Nice photos. You brought what seems far away close to our eyes. Thank you.

  2. Laceby Real Estate tells me it has been sold.