Thursday, March 10, 2016

Spring arrives in 10 days

                                                                                                                                                  Photos by Barry Wallace
Trumpeter Swans herald new season
A pair of Trumpeter Swans has landed on the pond, in the field, on the north-west corner of Weston Road and and the 16th Sideroad.   Will they stay or are they en route further north.   It's only a few years ago that this pond did not exist but slight depressions in the field and ongoing wet conditions combined to create a pond that now flourishes with ducks, geese, herons, songbirds such as Red-winged Blackbirds, and now swans perhaps.   Muskrats are a regular feature now also.

It's been my experience that while Canada Geese can seem quite normal when picking nesting sites, many others seem to decide to set up housekeeping wherever their flights happen to land. It can be in the middle of a busy park (or even a parking lot, for that matter), on a roof-top, atop a muskrat den...wherever.   And once eggs are laid, well forget about ever seeing the nest abandoned.   Just steer clear.   The geese above are on the Love pond, at the 7th Concession and the 16th Sideroad.

Also on the 17th, near The Oak Ridges Trail, is a small pond that has almost thawed, and which by June or July will likely show its ephemerality and disappear, until a wet fall.
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Barry Wallace

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