Thursday, September 18, 2014

Costello welcomes sons to Pine Farms Orchard

Photos by Barry Wallace

This blog entry is yet another rare occasion (twice in one week!) when I am able to present an entry from my other blogsite: 'Barry the Birder'.   The subject matter hopefully appeals to both camps: birdwatchers and neighbours.   Pictured above are Elvis (front) and Costello (behind), longtime buddies at King Township's Pine Farm Orchards and ambassadors-at-large to thousands of apple-pickers over several years.   Sadly, many months ago, Elvis wandered off and never returned.   It was felt he became embroiled in a misadventure with a fox or coyote.   Costello missed Elvis greatly over the past winter.   He was given a mirror, at one point, to make him think there was company nearby.   Later in the year, Costello was taken away to mate with a lady friend (which apparently took all of 30 seconds) and was rewarded with two fine sons that were destined to join their father at Pine Farms when they were big enough to hold their own against the old man.   The day has come.   The sons arrived on September 13 and were welcomed by their father, whose tail wagged a mile-a-minute, they said.   Today, everything seemed just ducky.

Costello spent time grooming himself prior to his sons' arrival and got his top-knot just right.

On arrival, Costello's sons took to the pool like 'ducks to water', while papa looked on.

It looks like Costello has welcomed his offspring with open arms.

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Barry Wallace


  1. We were at the apple orchard a couple of weeks ago and he did look bored,
    so good to see he has a couple of companions. I thought the other one might have
    been for Thanks Giving!

  2. This is nice story - at least happy ending. Thanks for the pictures.