Wednesday, September 10, 2014

John the knife sharpener

                                                                                                                           Photos by Barry Wallace

This is John from Vaughan, a retired construction worker and now a 75-year-old knife sharpener who was was making the rounds in King City this past weekend.   John's equipment included an old, well-worn treadle (see below), two grindstones, a file, some emery paper, and a pair of strong, experienced hands.   

John explained to me that new metal knives and cutting equipment do not throw sparks when he is sharpening with the grindstones, but he noted that old steel knives, scissors, and other ancient cutting tools do throw sparks (see photo below).   This lovely gentleman told me he has a good pension and was not in the knife-sharpening business to make a lot of money, which I can attest to, being very aware of how little he charged me.   He spent a half hour sharpening three cutting implements for me and they are so sharp I feel they should all be in sheaths of their own. 

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Barry Wallace

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