Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Small feeder - large appetites

Photo by Barry Wallace
This photo is one I took a few days ago and published in my other blog called 'Barry the Birder'.   It was taken in my backyard and I thought I would share it with the folks who read my 'Camera on King' blog, many of whom are also birdwatchers.   Now that the juvenile goldfinches have joined their parents at our backyard Niger Seed feeders, things are getting a little crowded and a bit frantic.   There were approximately 50 'goldies' at any given time today.   Amid the mayhem however, there were some parent birds that were still feeding seeds to begging youngsters...either their own or those of other parent birds.  

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Barry Wallace (a.k.a. BtheB)

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  1. What beautiful birds,certainly gearing up for a journey,looks like they know where the food is,