Monday, September 29, 2014

Walking the dog? Not quite

 Photo by Barry Wallace
I've been watching this gentleman ride by my house for a couple of weeks with an adorable white dog in the rear carrier basket.   He passed by again today, but was gone before I had a chance to flag him down.   This time I grabbed my camera, jumped into my Jeep and tried to guess where he was headed.   There was a second bike-rider this time accompanying my unknown dog walker.....make that dog-chauffeur.   They were quickly out of sight but I made a lucky guess at where they might have headed.   I quickly caught up to them and introduced myself.   The gentleman introduced himself as Grant Peter and his son Todd.   I was amazed.   I knew this fellow, but hadn't recognized him.   I had known his older brother Brian for most of my 60 years in King City.   He told me the dog belonged to his son Todd.   We did a bit of reminiscing and I completely forgot to ask Todd for his dog's name.   I phoned Grant later and he told me the dog's name was Lilo.   When the time came to put this blog entry together, I enlarged the digital image and realized Lilo had turned away at the exact moment I took the picture.   I will be on the lookout for Grant and Lilo on another day and will make sure I get a good photo of Lilo for a subsequent blog entry.
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Barry Wallace

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