Wednesday, September 3, 2014

World's smoothest riding horse in King

    Photos by Barry Wallace

The two fence banners pictured above are located on the 8th Concession of King, north of Pottageville.   They're fairly new and announce the presence of Paso Fino horses.   They are reportedly the smoothest-riding horse in the world.   Paso Finos are well-known and are found all over the world, but call Puerto Rico and Argentina there spiritual breeding grounds.
Paso Fino translates from Spanish into 'fine step' in English.   The unique and captivating 'fine step' of this horse must be seen to be appreciated and this is easily done by going online to GOOGLE and entering paso fino.   I really have no idea if other Paso Finos are standing at stud in our township, but as I said above the breed is well-known, so there may be others of this special horse hereabouts.
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Barry Wallace

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