Saturday, January 21, 2017

Changes for King Heritage & Cultural Centre

 Photos by Barry Wallace
It is now known that the venerable Laskay Hall (pictured at right) will be moved this year to the grounds of the King Heritage & Cultural Centre in Kinghorn.   The historic hall will be placed between the heritage and cultural centre on the west side of the grounds and the former King Christian Church in the centre of the property (see large photos above and immediately below).   The placement will further the notion of a streetscape, featuring the three buildings mentioned here plus the old King Railway Station, on the east side of the property.   If a basement was put under the Laskay Hall (which it does not have in its current location, its functionality could be doubled.  

The Township of King has also approved a new parking lot at the heritage and cultural centre, at the rear of the main building, on the west side of the property.   Total capacity of the parking lot has not been announced but speculation says 20 to 50 spaces could be available.   The surface of the parking lot would be a permeable material to direct rainwater down and away.   The photo above shows the space between the western property line, on the left, and the west side of the main building. The photo below looks north, from the porch at the rear of the main building, to back of the property, which now is adjacent to a new subdivision under construction.   Given the size of the facilities space, with the addition of the Laskay Hall, 20 parking spaces seems woefully inadequate.   Many events in the future could easily fill 50 parking spaces.   Perhaps access to the future Magna headquarters on the south side of the King Road could feature an entrance with traffic lights immediately opposite the heritage and cultural centre, on the north side of the King Road.   

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  1. You are right, parking will be an issue. I remember the lovely ASK soirees and other ASK activities where we used all the green space at the museum. Now that will be very limited.