Monday, January 9, 2017

Laskay Hall to be moved to Kinghorn

Photos by Barry Wallace
I spoke with King Township councillor, Debbie Schaefer, a few days ago and she told me that all appears to be in order for a move of the 158-year-old Laskay Hall to the grounds of the King Heritage and Cultural Centre, at Kinghorn, this year. A final approval has to be decided by township council and that seems to be imminent.   All details, including costs and funding, logistical approvals and contracting decisions have been settled upon.   Councillor Schaefer pointed out to me that while the hall appears to be a large structure, the fact that it is a wooden building throughout, mitigates some of the challenges of such a move.     

Many King Township residents will have mixed emotions about Laskay Hall being moved from its original location to the west end of King City, but sitting upon a new foundation with modern plumbing and heating and additional amenities will guarantee its history and usefulness for perhaps another 100 years.  It's been 58 years since my wife, Linda, and I (as young teenagers) first danced in each others arms at the Laskay Hall.   How sweet it was.   

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Barry Wallace


  1. The King City Slickers played one of their first concerts in Laskay - can't remember if it was at the hall or in the church basement.
    Wonder what the township has planned for the land?

  2. Will there be just vacant land when it moves? Any plans?