Thursday, January 19, 2017

The future of Humber Trails?

 Photos by Barry Wallace
I spoke with Adam Dembe a week ago about the future of Humber Trails.   Adam is the contact person and planner at Toronto and Region Conservation, in connection with a new trail plan for Humber Trails Forest and Wildlife Conservation Area.   Public input is being reviewed and consultations with King Township on sharing future development  for passive recreation purposes on the site are underway.   Nothing seems imminent, but the future looks quite positive.

The tiny vulnerable stream pictured above is one of several at Cold Creek.   Several feet further on (photo below), the little waterway has been breached by the passage an all-terrain 4-wheel recreational vehicle that has diverted off the walking trail.

The catalyst for a new trail plan for Humber Trails appears to have been, in part, the partially washed-out bridge over the East Humber River (photo below).   Although the site has been posted due to hazardous conditions, many hikers still use the crippled bridge to cross the river.   The footing on the damaged bridge is even more hazardous, and hence dangerous, in winter conditions.   Whatever transpires in re-purposing Humber Trails, this bridge is the number one priority, from both an access perspective and safety concern.

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Barry Wallace


  1. Love the picture on my bottom right!

  2. A neat idea I've seen used along trails , is the installation of posts with QR codes placed on them. You swipe the code with your phone , and a short explanation of the significance of the plants, lichens, trees, deadfall etc. comes up for each station. Kids especially enjoy these - it's a great way to have them make that connection to the natural world.
    My brother set this up at the land preserve (outside of Pembroke) he was involved with. Please check it out-Shaw Wood Outdoor Centre