Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Local bands at Laskay Hall in the 1970s

Bob Wallace ~ Russ DeCarle ~ Keith Glass

A week or so ago, Robert Campbell commented in this space that The King City Slickers played one of their first concerts in the Laskay Hall, back in the mid-70's.   In fact, the King City Slickers opened for The Good Brothers in the Laskay Hall way back then.   My younger brother Bob was one of the King City Slickers, before they became the renowned country-swing band, Prairie Oyster.   And before they became the King City Slickers, Russ DeCarle, Keith Glass and my brother Bob, were known as the Humber Creek Boys. 

King City Slickers (above and below) 

James & The Good Brothers ~ 1970s

Photo by Barry Wallace
The Good Brothers ~ 2015
King City United Church

And if one goes way, way back...
Laskay Union Cornet Band
1905 - 1910
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Barry Wallace

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