Monday, January 30, 2017

Concept drawings for new King City Library

The images here, of the proposed expansion of the King City Library and addition of a Seniors Centre, are architect's concept drawings only and not necessarily final drawings.   A green light for the project has already been given by township council in December of last year.   The expansion will see the existing building increase from 7,839 square feet to 20,000 square feet, at a cost of $9.05 million which would be financed through development charge reserves, debentures and tax-supported capital.   Goals and benefits of an updated and larger library, plus seniors centre, would include service areas upgraded to provincial standards (including accessibility), having the two facilities in one place, reduced operating costs and shared resources.   Completion of the new facility will occur in 2018.   

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Barry Wallace


  1. It looks lovely, but will it be suitable for cold Canadian weather? Lots of heating charges later on?

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    1. Not to mention airconditioning costs in the summer.

  3. and what about the snow removal from the roof?

  4. We don't have enough inspiring places, not everything can be about money. Here's hoping the aspirational design leads to an inspiring facility.