Saturday, July 29, 2017

Bandshell to be erected at cultural centre

 Photos by Barry Wallace
A bandshell is to be erected at the northeast corner of the King Heritage and Cultural Centre property, on the King Road just east of Jane Street, in the hamlet of Kinghorn (see photo above).   The bandshell will be erected at the same time as the relocation of the Laskay Hall takes place on the site (see yesterday's blog entry).   The photo below was taken from the northeast corner of the property and looks southwest toward the existing buildings.   Red stakes, in both photos, show the approximate location of the bandshell.

King Museum Curator, Kathleen Fry has told me that the bandshell will be ideal for musical concerts and other performance events during the warm months of the year, while Laskay Hall will be available for similar uses, indoors, year-round.   My thanks to Chris Fasciano, King's Director of Parks, Recreation and Culture, for the info update on these exciting developments.
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Barry Wallace

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