Saturday, July 15, 2017

Bob and Nancy's first white squirrel

 Photos: Bob & Nancy Wallace
My brother Bob and his wife Nancy live a few kilometres north of Parry Sound.   They sent these photos on Monday saying this is the first white squirrel they have ever had up there.   This sweet-looking creature is a 'white morph' of the Eastern Grey Squirrel...not an albino.   Albino Grey Squirrels have red eyes.   Unofficial statistics seem to show that 'white morphs' out-number albinos by quite a margin.   It has been reported that Exeter, Ontario, is one of five hot spots in Canada for white squirrels.   White squirrels in the countryside are reportedly preyed upon significantly by raptors, because of their easy-to-spot white colour, while white squirrels in more protected urban areas are less vulnerable.   Love these photos.

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Barry Wallace

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