Monday, July 17, 2017

Nobleton & King City 2017 Garden Tour

Photos by Barry Wallace
Two bees collect pollen from a pretty pink poppy in the small but amazing, street-front garden of Margaret Langford on Alex Campbell Crescent in King City.

King City's charming and indubitable Blair Day greets a visitor at his Fisher Street garden which featured many new and unusual flowers and other plants.

This quaint and charming potting shed was found in the garden of Hilda Baumgard on Old Church Road Road in Laskay.   Hilda's home was once the Laskay United Church where my wife and I were married 50 years ago.

The rain kept us from seeing Helen Lucas's gardens on the 7th of King but that meant we were able to view Helen's painting studio where we saw an incredible assortment of floral paintings, representative of the work that has made her and her art world-famous.

A Weeping Spruce was a fascinating poolside feature in one of the gardens of Pam Brown on the 17th Sideroad of King, near Hwy. 27.

Pictured above is the entrance to the immaculate and inspiring planting presentation that greeted visitors to the Home of Emily Bifolchi, on MacTaggart Drive in Nobleton. 

Above is a remarkably inviting feature of the gardens of Theresa Sherwood's Sherwood Farm property.   Like several other properties on the tour, the views surrounding Sherwood Farm are soul-enriching.
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Barry Wallace 


  1. Thank you for taking us to this beautiful tour (with pictures and explanation).

  2. Enjoyed those pictures Barry will have to take this tour next year!