Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Demolished and gone in a day...

 Photos by Barry Wallace
This mammoth tractor trailer pulled up in front of a home on Bennet Drive, behind the King City High School last Tuesday, and waited to be loaded to the brim with the remains of a bungalow which had been sold to make way for the building of a new house, on the site.   To my amazement, the entire house from the ground level up was demolished in two to three hours and the remains, except for the materials making up the foundation, filled the trailer to the brim.   The tractor trailer was on its way to a landfill site in the Niagara region, shortly after lunch.   After it left, a few regular-size dump trucks hauled away the remains of the basement and miscellaneous detritus.   By supper time, everyone was gone and site was basically empty.   Amazing...   

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Barry Wallace

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